DID YOU KNOW?  Painting over mold does not eliminate the problem, it only covers it up.


When you have a mold problem, you first need to determine how much of the problem can be removed and how much need to be cleaned and treated.  First you will need to contain the area where the work is to be done, then remove the material that is effected that is considered disposable, that includes: drywall,  trim work, insulation, carpeting and more.  After the disposable material is removed we will then clean and treat all of the surrounding area.


You should never just try to cover the mold, it will just keep growing. Different types of materials grow different types of molds, some are allergens while others are toxic to your health.  Any source of mold in an indoor environment needs to be removed properly.  Long term exposure to mold can pose a variety of health issues that cannot be reversed.  Mold exposure is permanent and possible deadly.